Standard British Berkefeld®  Technical Information
Number of Elements - (Size)
4 - (7"
Approx. Capacity (gallons)
Approx. Capacity (liters)
Approximate Output / 24 hours (gallons)
Approximate Output / 24 hours (liters)
Height x Width (inches)
20 x 8.5 
Empty Weight
7.5 lbs 
$ 295.00
Application Guide and Contaminant Reduction Chart
Super Sterasyl Ceramic Element
Contaminants Removal
Bacteria YES (>99.99%)  Application:Gravity fed, this system is designed for use where either portability is required or access to a pressure fed water source is impractical.

Volume:With four 7 inch candles installed this unit can produce up to 24 (90 liters) gallons of drinking water per day.

Strengths: This "Free Standing" system provides >99.99 rejection of bacteria, cysts and effective depth filtration of particulates >.5 microns. This system also provides excellent rejection of Chlorine, taste and odor. The multiple candles are easily cleaned and require no tools to service.

NOT Available in California or Iowa

Cysts YES (>99.999%)
Taste YES
Odors YES
Color YES
Chlorine REDUCES
Herbicides REDUCES
Pesticides REDUCES
Metals NA
Fluoride NA
Nitrates NA
Arsenic NA